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Our team knows public relations, social media, and creative services cold. We hail from some of the nation’s hottest Boston tech PR agencies and design firms.

Crackle is everything your last public relations agency wasn’t: We’re fast, cost-effective, and the team who pitches you actually does the work. Imagine.

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How we're different

There’s a lot that’s different about us. But we like to keep things sharp and concise. So, here are our top-four reasons you’ll love working with this group.

1. Transparency

We are completely transparent with clients. We aren’t “yes” people. We’re truth-tellers. We provide sophisticated, unvarnished counsel that creates trusted partnerships. 

2. We're picky

We’ll work with good companies only. That means they’re doing tangibly positive things for their customers, employees, or the world. This could be as simple as helping to simplify customers’ lives or as profound as actually saving lives. We don’t compromise our integrity for any company. Full stop.

3. Cost

We aren’t saddled with costly real estate in Boston or Portsmouth. We are a true extension of our clients’ teams — wherever they are — without the pricy overhead of multiple physical offices.

4. Our attitude

We are fearless. We are bold. We are restless. We are Crackle.

Ready to get Cracklin’?

Cool, then choose your preferred method. Need a Boston PR agency? Need a Portsmouth PR agency? We’re everywhere your public relations and social media need us to be!


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