PR RFP template

Crackle created a new RFP template for Public Relations services that makes short(er) work of the PR agency selection process.

Let’s talk about the public relations RFP. They’re historically burdensome for PR agencies and the companies who issue the RFP to find a PR agency partner:

  1. They’re a nightmare for participating PR agencies (they take a week+ to complete with about a 20% chance of winning the business.)
  2.  They’re a nightmare for the CMOs or comms leaders of the issuing companies (sifting through reams of similar-sounding answers; multiple meetings, logistical snafus, etc).

That’s why we created this template.

It was written for humans. With empathy, and with respect for everyone’s time.

Feel free to download the RFP template now. If you have questions drop us a line on our contact page.

Free PR RFP Template
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