The best PR agencies in Boston have one thing in common: a hefty monthly price tag for their public relations services.

Not Crackle

Crackle shares the exact same experience and ability to get results for clients as the largest PR agencies in Boston, Portsmouth, or San Francisco, but unlike those legacy firms, we aren’t saddled with expensive real estate costs. And guess what? That means you aren’t, either.

Media strategy

Let’s capture the imagination of your key B2B and consumer audiences and inspire action with bold, creative storytelling that builds value. 

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Tech PR services shouldn’t take the back seat on media strategy — we should drive strategic planning, with a mighty assist from clients. Together, working in lock-step, we can expand your company’s sphere of influence and open new doors. Opportunity knocks.

Media relations

Would you believe reporters are human beings just like you? It’s true. They have busy lives and tight deadlines and don’t have time for BS or spammy pitches and emails. 

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Crackle doesn’t squander its opportunities with yesterday’s “spray and pray” media relations approach. We tailor specific story angles to specific reporters who will actually care about your products and services. We treat reporters with dignity and respect. That translates into measurable public relations results. And oodles of good will.

Social media strategy

Most social media agencies have a templatized, one-size-fits-all approach to social media. You can have any color you want as long as it’s blue, right? Crackle doesn’t play that game. Every company is a snowflake, and no two social media strategies are identical. Whether you need tech PR services or an investment communications plan, we believe as generalists, we can help tailor your approach to reach your digital audiences wherever they live, with the right blend of touch-points, education, and inspiration to grow your audience and drive outputs.


Social media management

No strategy amounts to a hill of guacamole if the tactical execution falls short. 

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We can devise the key topics, calendaring and scheduling cadence for all of your key social channels, helping you do your thing (your actual day job) much more efficiently and impactfully. Don’t @ us if your channels are a mess. Call us and let’s get cracklin’.

Analyst relations

Are you paying more than a trillion dollars to analyst firms for feels like a pittance in return?

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Not sure how best to maximize and evangelize these costly engagements? Cool, cool. We know how to do that. We know what works, what to avoid, and what you absolutely must do to enjoy a return on these key investments. Analyst relations is equal parts art and science. Done well your company truly benefits; done poorly it’s a painful cost center.

Media training

We’ve media trained the C-suite of some of the nation’s leading tech and consumer brands. Whether you just need the basics to steer clear of trouble, a brush-up to keep your skills fresh, or a comprehensive deep-dive on camera, Crackle has your back. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say (whoever “they” are). If you need a Boston PR firm or a Portsmouth PR agency, Crackle is for you!

Content creation

In good times and bad, writing a steady drumbeat of engaging, educational, and interesting content requires patience, skill, and intestinal fortitude.

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But it’s got to be good content, or Google will punish you mercilessly. When you’ve got to “feed the beast” with fresh content every week, you need a team who can write the lights out. Crackle can craft compelling blog posts, ebooks, case studies and social content to keep your communications and marketing engines humming, and your sales team chock full of great excuses to reach out to key prospects. Need great content? You need Crackle.

Inbound marketing

Raising your visibility online today requires more than just advertising and featured articles. 

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By leveraging inbound marketing principles around your content we can help you acquire media and customer contacts. The best part? They’ll come to you, looking for advice and tools that will help them and alleviate your profile as a brand authority.

The campaign was a huge success, and I really enjoyed partnering with him and his team on this project. He's a creative talent who also understands "the big picture" and great to work with!

Elise Lapham, Liberty Mutual

From my very first day as an entrepreneur, I've felt the only mission worth pursuing in business is to make people's lives better.

Richard Branson. Business Developer.

From my very first day as an entrepreneur, I've felt the only mission worth pursuing in business is to make people's lives better.

Richard Branson. Business Developer.