Smart PR agencies know that design and creative services are vital to their clients’ success.


Branding goes far beyond a snazzy logo and color palette. It’s the foundational language that explains what your company stands for. It’s quite literally who you are in the eyes of your prospects and key stakeholders. Crackle can help you find your “you.” Your true north. Your rallying cry. We can develop provocative messaging, visually arresting look and feel, and even a comprehensive brand guide that will help you keep your message crisp, clear, and consistent. We can also help create examples of how your brand is reflected in everything from PDF sell sheets to TV spots to promo products and anything else on your go-to-market punch list.

Video production

There’s no quicker way to bring your audience into your world than to produce a video. Video can humanize a brand and dramatically help with engagement.

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Our production team has killer experience planning, shooting, editing and distributing video to every channel that exists on the planet. Will your videos require animation, drone footage, slick film quality or gritty man-on-the-street authenticity? We can help you find a thematic concept you’ll love and drive the process all the way through to publication across your owned media channels as well as social platforms that perform best for your company. Need an explainer video? No sweat. How about a series of videos capturing multiple product lines? Mmm-hmm. We’ve got you covered at Crackle!

Podcast production

74% of people surveyed say they listen to podcasts to learn new things. Sounds like people who want to get to know you!

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Create content that your customers find relevant and that paints you as an expert in your field. Crackle can help you add podcasting to your content strategy and find the best ways to market and distribute those episodes to the right people. Our podcasting studio will allow you to sound polished and professional and our sound editors can add the music and effects that enhance your message.

Graphic design

Crackle creative services designers understand the business goals of each piece of content they’re asked to create. We’re highly interactive with a huge palette of styles and techniques that we can custom-fit to your unique business drivers. We collaborate with clients across a broad swath of marketing needs, from presentations to email marketing to animation to infographics. Let’s do an input call to better understand your needs, then hold on to your hats: We’re going to create visually arresting designs that will raise your eyebrows and inspire your prospects into action.


Digital design

Yes, we build websites, email marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, and social media graphics. But…

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we also understand the nuances between delivery channels and the expectations of audiences at each location. We can help guide your company as you create digital content by leveraging our experience for your next pixel perfect creation.


Advertising is about explaining a problem (sometimes a problem consumers might not even know they have).

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Once you do that, you want to make sure that they see you (and your product or service) as the only way to solve that problem. Magazine ads, banner ads, Facebook ads and billboards all work if they can pluck the right emotional chords and our team are some of the best pluckers in town.

Presentation consultation and slide design

We all make them, and most of us dread them. But a well-done presentation can inspire a board or investor to rally behind you. Let our creative services team help you to plan and map your next presentation and then design cinematically beautiful slides. Are you a little drab in front of a crowd? No worries. Crackle can also help by coaching you so that you build the stellar executive presence we know is inside you.

“They helped to update and improve our onboarding materials for Timberland new hires. The work they produced for us brings our brand, purpose, product, and culture to life and creates a powerful impact for our new employees.”

Cyrena Shiland, Senior Advisor for Talent Development at Timberland