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Crackle is built with world-class leaders in the public relations and creative services industries, from Boston to San Francisco and everywhere in between. Together, we have decades of experience shaping and elevating the stories of some of North America’s most beloved brands, as well as startups across myriad sectors. The one common thread for all of Crackle’s PR clients is simple but profound: They’re all inherently good companies. If you’re a company trying to make life easier, better, and more successful for your clients, your partners, and the world, you need to drop us a line. We’re kindred spirits!

Parry Headrick

Parry likes to grow companies. His, sure. But most definitely yours. He founded Crackle to do that more efficiently and cost-effectively than could the big agencies of yesteryear. The ones he knows cold because he helped build from the ground up.

From San Francisco to Boston and everywhere betwixt, Parry spent 20 years in-house growing some of the hottest tech PR agencies in the U.S. He’s a big idea guy. A spit-baller. A dot-connecter. He crackles.

At SHIFT Communications he rose from PR account executive to Vice President of Marketing, working alongside a “who’s who” of Silicon Valley companies and tech startups on media relations strategy, media training and (shiver) crisis communications. Bing. Google. Hitachi Data Systems. Yelp. Logitech. You get it.

At Matter Communications Parry led marcomms as VP Marketing and Communications and helped turbo-charge the company’s national growth trajectory while also serving as PR counsel and media training coach for the C-Suite of myriad tech companies like Progress Software, Osram Sylvania, Akamai Technologies and many more.

Parry is a PR and communications generalist who understands what makes your story crackle.

Go ahead and drop Parry a line at:

Mike Teixeira

Mike is obsessed with communications, specifically the way our senses enhance a message. He founded Crackle to disrupt the way companies build their messages. Can we release a series of sounds to tease an app launch? Can we get a marching band to spell a message with their bodies and shoot it with a drone from above? His answer is always “Why not” and he wants the Crackle creative team and YOU to stand out on the edge of creativity and ask the same question.

He (Like Parry) has lived a bi-coastal life. But don’t hold that against him. Over his 25 years in the communications world he has worked for companies like Paramount Pictures, Gillette, CTI, State Street and Timberland.

In 2017 he founded his first agency, DECK to deliver cinematically beautiful and planned presentations. That is going very well and he’s now Crackling with new ideas on how to change the way PR is practiced.

James Gerber

James is passionate about telling stories that matter, making people believe in world-changing ideas and taking the next step to say “I want in.”

He has 15 years of experience connecting start-ups with their audiences, game-changing technologies with their true believers and established businesses with disruption.

Prior to Crackle, he worked at tech PR agencies Prompt Communications and March Communications, where he ensured client success by leading integrated communications campaigns that delivered results. In his career, he has worked with over 50 companies across almost every area of technology to produce several thousand pieces of media coverage that have a combined reach of over 500 million readers.

He has lived a (mostly) uni-coastal life with his roots firmly planted in Boston, but has worked with clients that have a presence in virtually every major tech hub in North America, Europe, APAC and Latin America. His clients have ranged in size from stealth mode to Global 1000 brands like Oracle, SoftBank, Nokia, Qualcomm and more.

He is an expert in PR strategies and tactics whose career has tracked the rise of social media, content, digital marketing and data/analytics, and he’s picked up a wide range of capabilities to match. If aligning your campaign with an audience’s needs is how your results will crackle, James is your guy.

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