Today, we’re pumped and just plain proud to launch a new and very different kind of PR agency.

We are Crackle

Unlike the traditional PR agency model — which typically requires staffers to work on any business willing to cough up a fat retainer —  we’re only going to work with companies doing good things for their employees, their customers, the world. 

Put another way, Crackle has a “good companies only” policy.

Face it, the world is a smoldering dumpster fire right now, and we refuse to be part of the problem. We’re committed to using every last PR and creative brain cell to craft stories that inspire action and build value for companies doing demonstrably good things. 

Okay, so what’s Crackle’s definition of a “good” company? 

It might mean helping customers be more productive. It could mean providing better security for businesses or perhaps it means leveling the playing field by making products and services more accessible. It might be a company with a solid philanthropic foundation or mission. It might mean helping to make people happier, healthier, wiser. 

You know “good” when you see it, and Crackle was born to help you see more of it. Our team will never recommend something we aren’t willing to do ourselves. We’re here with clients, sleeves rolled up, as a true extension of their teams, in a way that yesterday’s PR agencies simply can’t be. 

You need a new approach to PR

Traditional PR agencies are built for a world that no longer exists. A world where journalists sat side-by-side behind desks downtown and had time to answer the phone and email. Attention was concentrated and reaching your audience was relatively straightforward: write a strong pitch, expect several interviews and resulting news stories for your client. 

Now? Yeah, it’s complicated. The lines are blurring between the media, brands and the consultants who link them.

Your audience follows thousands of sources that inform their buyers’ journey. Figuring out which ones matter most is hard enough, much less navigating how to actually engage with them. Do you pay? Arrange an affiliate deal? Promote each other’s channels?

Crackle lives at this fluid intersection of PR, marketing, social and digital media. We can help you make sense of today’s communications realities and employ modern approaches to raise awareness about — and drive revenue for — your company’s products and services.

One thing that *hasn’t changed* about PR? You expect and deserve results. 

Enter Crackle. 

From the ashes rises the phoenix 

Crackle is a PR agency that was created to navigate this especially wild new world. To wit: we were born smack dab in the middle of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. 

Current headlines: Record unemployment. Shuttered small businesses. Heart-wrenching loss of life and collective, persistent uncertainty about health, safety, income, schools, elections, the United States Postal Service, our future as a nation, and also murder hornets. 

And while all of this is real and true, we at Crackle see an opportunity to rethink our small corner of the professional world of PR and communications as the globe attempts to stabilize and regain its proper axis.  

Winston Churchill famously said, “An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity…”

Crackle is built for now

Working remotely is our default.

That means we aren’t saddled with expensive real estate. That also means our clients aren’t paying an extra 20 percent for pushpins on a map. High overhead will never bog us down and we have instant-on access to a global pool of PR and creative services talent when it’s time to scale for clients. 

We are senior practitioners from some of the country’s best-known PR agencies. We offer a full suite of PR strategy and services. We bring your brand and stories to life across every channel, and we measure our results, reporting on KPIs that matter most to your business. 

Need media strategy, media and influencer relations, social media management, media training or content creation? We got you. Done, done, and done. 

We also offer killer creative services. Branding, video and podcast production, graphic design, digital design, advertising, and presentation development are all in our wheelhouse.

We know how PR ties into the larger marketing picture and that it’s all interconnected. And so are we all. Let’s do some good together. 

Thanks for dropping by to check us out. We’re excited to get cracklin’!

Meet the Team

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